Ny dommer på juleudstillingen den 24.11.2019

Vi kan med stor glæde meddele, at Gwen Ford fra Australien har sagt ja til at være Beagleklubbens dommer på juleudstillingen den 24.11.2019.

David Craig 08.10.2017 Hedensted

It was a pleasure to judge for the Danish Beagle Club where a good, quality entry awaited me.ognbsp; Everything was so well organised and a most happy atmosphere prevailed all day.ognbsp; My thanks to my most efficient and charming ring secretary, Nicole Elten Andersson, who made sure that everything ran smoothly in the ring.ognbsp; I must congratulate all of the exhibitors for showing their dogs in excellent condition and, without exception, they were very well socialised and confident hounds who were at ease with their surroundings.ognbsp; It is clear that the Danish Beagles live full and active lives!

I would say that there does not seem to be an issue with size with your Beagles.ognbsp; The vast majority of the exhibits were well within the height limit.ognbsp; They were mostly compact and sturdy animals and of overall good type.ognbsp; This resulted in many achieving an ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Promising’ grading.ognbsp; The Champion classes, in particular, sported quality right down the line.ognbsp; Looking at the catalogue afterwards, it is evident that the breeding of the Ob-La-Di’s kennel appealed greatly; although standing alone in the Breeder’s Class, I am sure that they would have come out victorious even if there had been more competition!

The challenge with the breed as I see it, is to get a quality, well-constructed hound which has the desired effortless reach in front and drive behind without sacrificing being compact.ognbsp; Movement fore and aft needs to be straight and true, whilst in profile they must cover the ground effortlessly with perfectly held topline and stern.ognbsp;

The BIS winner, Ob-La-Di’s The Warlock Radagast is a really honest, totally unexaggereated, well-constructed hound of correct size with pleasing head, masculine but so kind, clean body lines, excellent hindquarters, so true fore and aft and moves with ease in profile where he carries his topline and stern perfectly.ognbsp; I also really admired his litter sister, Ob-La-Di’s The Witch Lacosta and had her in mind for top honours right up until the end, when her enthusiasm and desire to move out on the go-around evaporated.ognbsp; This opened it up to the beautiful veteran, Multi Ch Free Stride’s Waltzing Pumpkin to take the best bitch award.ognbsp; She is so correct, in great condition, well constructed all through, true fore and aft and so good in profile, going with typical Beagle reach and drive.ognbsp; Similar remarks apply to her litter brother, Busy Appointment, who comes into his own in profile and is totally unexaggerated with no signs of coarseness.

I really did love the two Baby Puppy class winners and will follow their futures with interest.ognbsp; Both lovely, most promising puppies, they were sound, had good movement in profile and had the advantage of being handled by two most competent young lady handlers.ognbsp; The bitch, Noble Hound’s Now or Never appealed greatly (I could easily have brought her home!) and just edged ahead of Ob-La-Di’s From Russia With Gold – I shall watch both of their futures with interest.

David Graig

BIR og BIM den 22. 07.2017

Val Davies og Tim Jones 21. og 22.07.2017

The Danish Beagle Club held their Very special Show2017 at Skaerbaek on the 21. and ognbsp;22. July.ognbsp;A two day show with a British judge oneach day. ognbsp;Val Davie (Barvale) on thefirst day, and Tim Jones (Eardley) on the second day. There were excellententries on both days. The Skaerbaek venue was ideal with access ognbsp;to the Leisure Centre facilities. The Clubalso has a lovely big marquee for socializing and The Friday night party.

I found the Committee very hospitable and friendly. ognbsp;Proving the Danish reputation for their great ognbsp;hospitality.

The exhibitors set up camp on a large, well kept grass area. The show ring wassurrounded by exhibitors ‘Show day tents with dogs, crates and show gear alllodged inside. A strange sight to British eyes but it adds colour and characterto the show.

Exhibitors were on good form, cheerful and friendly. Winners were well catered forwith many sponsored bags of dog food right through the placings. Lovelyrosettes and many trophies were on offer too. Even special prizes of dog bedswere in evidence. People must have fun trying to squeeze it all into their carsand still have room for the driver!

Stewarding was very efficient as was the critique typing. Some of our Britishterms and wording caused some head scratching and explanations.

The Beagles were all well turned out. The puppies had a great time, full ofbounce, while their elders were well schooled and dignified in their job.

We both enjoyed our judging and were happy with our winners on our respectivedays. Fortune was with us as the weather was sunny and Friday dry, if a bit windy,on the Saturday. Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge and
ognbsp;the exhibitors for their entries.

Best regards Val Davies

Hazel Deans 20.05.2017

Firstly I would liketo thank the Danish Beagle Club for inviting me to judge their championshipshow at Arslev, Fyn and for the hospitality shown me and my sister Susan whoaccompanied me. We had an enjoyable short stay in Odense (when we eventuallygot there!). I would also like to thank Christina my ring secretary who lookedafter us on the day, drove us to the show and back to our hotel and kepteverything in the ring running smoothly.

This was my first time judging outside the UK and I was looking forward tojudging my Danish beagle entry. Apart from a couple I had seen at Crufts thebeagles and exhibitors entered were unknown to me. The weather was dry though acool wind in the dog classes made it a little chilly at times which a few ofthe beagles felt. The sun came out to make it somewhat warmer for the bitchentry. The ring was of a good size to allow the beagles plenty room to move.Around the ringside was a friendly, relaxed atmosphere

Judging started with two baby puppy dogs who showed very well for their tenderages. A baby puppy bitch and a puppy dog followed. All were very promising andI awarded best puppy to Ob-La-Dis Pumba By Disney. So here was the firstdifference between Denmark and the UK, as in the UK you cannot enter a puppy lessthan 6 months old and the puppy class is from 6 to 12 months. The other majordifferences between judging in the UK and Denmark, is the grading andcritiquing of every exhibit. I think this would prove too time consuming to doat the majority of UK shows where the entry is generally over 100. It wascertainly amazing to find that the results, gradings and critiques went onlinealmost instantly! In the UK champions compete in the open class along with non championsand can win multiple CCs. In Denmark dogs cannot win the CAC once it is achampion and although it could be said this makes it easier to make upchampions, the giving of the CK ensures that only dogs of champion quality canwin the CAC.

The rest of the dog and bitch entry followed the puppy judging. I found theentry to be of a high standard which is reflected in the number of dogs andbitches I graded excellent and the number of CK ribbons awarded. I felt in anumber of classes when the competition was very close and little separated themthat it was right to award all four placed the CK. All six dogs in the championdog class are worthy champions and although I only awarded the CK to the fourplaced this was only because I knew that only four could be placed in the bestdog competition and not because they were not of champion quality.

Overall I found movement to be very good, the majority moving straight in frontwith good width behind and with reach and drive. I look for overall balance,without exaggeration, and I found this in the majority with good height tolength ratio, compared to the UK where some may be a little short in leg andlong in body. Heads were mostly pleasing with some

beautiful soft expressions. Although size was good I found a number of bothdogs and bitches were lighter in bone than in the UK where even the smaller sizedbeagles generally have strong, solid bone. However I found many Danish beagles ofhigh quality that I’m sure would have a successful show career in the UK.

I was very happy with my four best dogs and bitches and indeed all my winners. Decisionswere close and many will no doubt change places on another day. BD and BIS camefrom the champion class. This was Multi Ch Free Stride’s Busy Appointment, adog who was naughty on the day when it came to standing but his quality andsuperb movement could not be ignored. BB and BOS also came from the championclass, being the beautiful DKCH
Sopwith Camel’s Vanilla.Best veteran was the lovely nearly 10 year old bitch DKCH INTCH Free Stride’sWaltzing Pumpkin. The CACs went to Sweet Courage Apollo and Sopwith Camel’sRosa Melina who were second best dog and bitch. The Res CACs went to Ob-La-Di’sLight of Baruch and Gold Line’s Posh Cocktail.

Thank you to everyone who entered and showed their beagles. It was a pleasureto judge them. Whether you won or not I hope that you all enjoyed the day. ognbsp;ognbsp;

Hazel Deans(Scotland)